Arun Iyer

Founding Partner
Arun Iyer has been in Advertising forever. Ok, not forever, but about 20 years. 16 of them in Lowe Lintas, one of India’s leading advertising agencies and the last 6 of them as Chief Creative Officer and the Chairman of the company.

Raja Ganapathy

Founding Partner
Raja has worked with founders for most of his working life of 24+ years. First with Ogilvy and Brand David, where he worked with founders including Muruga of Bharat Matrimony and Siddhartha Lal of Royal Enfield.

Vineet Gupta

Founding Partner
Vineet co-founded and built a digital marketing agency at a point in time when the category did not exist and ‘Digital’ was far from being the ubiquitous word it has become today.

Kaushik Dasgupta

Head - Investments

Rohan Talati

Portfolio Partner & Founding Team Member

Antara Raychaudhury

Associate Vice President, Investments

Varun Khullar

Creative Partner

Sandeep Balan

Branded Content Partner & Founding Team Member

Priyanka Krishnan

Strategy Associate

Lekha Shastry

Creative Associate

Purva Bakalkar

Creative Associate

Noopur Khandekar

Portfolio Associate & Founding Team Member

Vanessa Travasso

Marketing Associate & Founding Team Member

Tom Jose

UI Partner

Raghunath Jayanthi

Tech Partner

Chitra Balachandran

Portfolio Associate

Anjali Menon

Executive Administrative Assistant

Ashok Abraham

Portfolio Associate

Akshat Chopra

Creative Associate

Shravya Khendry

Creative Associate

Vatsal Khullar

Investment Analyst

Natasha Dhinda

Investment Associate

Aryaman Kochhar

Strategy Associate

Gayatri Iyer

Portfolio Associate

Deepika Agrawal

Creative Associate

Anoushka Shah

Creative Associate

Radhika Nataraj

Creative Associate

Anurag Sheth

Investment Analyst
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