When we first interacted with Abhishek Ganguly to discuss his vision for Agilitas, his energy was infectious. It’s always a fantastic experience to meet a founder who has both a horizon-shattering vision and the drive to actualise it. Founded with the singular but massive objective of transforming the sportswear category in India, Agilitas is infusing itself into every aspect of the process and experience -- from robust R&D to drive innovation, cutting-edge design expertise to shatter through clutter, and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to ensure the products match the promise. As Agilitas prepares to launch the next generation of iconic sports brands, Spring will be working with Abhishek and his team to develop brand & launch strategies rooted in deep understanding of consumer & culture. We’re excited to team up with them to reinvent how India interacts with the world of sport.

Stay tuned for updates.