Partnering with Cava: Building a new-age athleisure brand

Ria and Shreya - fresh out of college - are building a cool, new-gen athleisure brand, Cava. And Early Spring has led the first institutional round in this company.

We are super impressed with the passion and zeal with which Ria and team are building Cava - they are very connected to their audience and have started seeing early customer love and adoption. We are impressed with the expertise in the family which has been in the garment industry for many decades, their backing has ensured that Ria starts with an unfair advantage in terms of supply chain management, warehousing and inventory control - key factors in building a sustainable, long-term apparel brand.

More than anything, we are impressed with the product. Cava is not just a cool brand, it's also an uber-comfortable and stylish set of athleisure products offering high-quality fabric, on-trend designs delivering superior comfort. The garments are made for Indian body types - taking into account average height and body ratios. Product portfolio includes joggers, leggings, hoodies, coord sets and sports bras. Give it a try

We welcome, Ria and Shreya to the Early Spring family and we look forward to working closely with Ria on building a cutting-edge and loved athleisure brand.