HELLO. And Thank You.

Raja Ganapathy
Feb 2019

A big call out and thanks to all of you who wrote in, called, messaged and posted your lovely wishes for our Spring opening. And we thought while we have been amiss in not being able to respond to each of you individually, we should answer the one big question that many of you have asked in varied forms – What is Spring? What is Marketing Capital? And what will you do? So here goes. Our introduction.

Spring Marketing Capital is a skin-in-the-game marketing and creative solutions company that seeks to partner founders with capital and marketing expertise at the point when they need it the most.

Marketing Capital is a term we made up, since no word exists for what we do (horrors, we are pioneers!). Spring will seek to co-invest along with a venture capital firm (or tag along behind them) and offer marketing and creative expertise. We believe that timely marketing intervention can unlock significant value for all stakeholders.

Spring Marketing Consulting will take on a select few consulting assignments. Ideally in founder run companies. And in companies that adopt a startup attitude to their work. We hope to solve business problems through the lens of marketing. We are fortunate and privileged to already work with the most exciting startups in India.

We are a startup working with startups. And that will never change. The best companies in the world have remained startups for as long as they could. We live for impact. For visible change. We will remove ourselves from any assignment where we cannot achieve this.

We are a small group of good people. And will remain small. We hope to never become an army. We are not an agency. We do not have clients. We do not have employees. We have partners. Some work inside Spring. Some outside. We hope to have a positive impact on all their journeys.

Our first set of team members quit their jobs without an offer from us. They are our partners and co-founders too. We love their attitude. And their belief. If you think you belong with us, please write to us. We would love to talk to you.

We are practically fanboys and cheerleaders for the founders we work with. We are inspired by their can-do attitude, speed of decision-making, optimism, self-belief, refusal to hear the nay-sayers and their willingness to take new paths.

We are building our venture on the back of kindness. And goodwill. Of founders, investors, family funds, seed funds, professionals, journalists – we are grateful to all of you for the fantastic support. You didn’t need to do this. And we will pay it forward. Every year, we will take on at least two consulting assignments pro-bono where we are able to partner with a founder and make real, social impact on the world. We are thrilled that our pay it forward journey has already begun with two exciting, challenging assignments.

Welcome to Spring. https://springmarketingcapital.com/

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